So Frenchy So Chic So Steak Frite

For some reason which we are still investigating there is a cluster of restaurants in South Yarra and Toorak that happen to put together some of the best steak and chips in Australia, if not the world. A pretty simple concept with only a few components but for some reason so many seem to get it wrong. I suppose it could start with the ingredients and where they are sourced or maybe it is the wizards behind the grill who know how to get it right down to the last second. What ever it may be there are a handful of places we love that always manage to delight us.


As close to a Parisian Steakhouse and Bar as you can get without being there! The Chateau is fun, well styled and the team are fantastic! A simple menu with so many delights but of course have the steak! They also have a brilliant breakfast menu for your post 'Tan lap' meal.

Bistro Thierry 

A classic French bistro with the ambiance and warmth of a bistro in Lyon or Paris. A fantastic vibe and entertaining surroundings add to the dining pleasure. The steak and chips are sublime but their menu have so many other fabulous offerings so why not try a few!


A Melbourne institution with an impeccable menu and French speaking waiters who are as familiar with the theatrics as they are with the wine menu! Little has changed in it's 25 years of success but why should it? its' simply fantastic!

If you get to any of these places or know some places we don't drop us an email and let us know about it

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