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I suppose in a busy lifestyle it is only normal to loose track of doing something that is really important to you. Fortunately for me I sometimes get helpful reminders to get back to doing what I love. Recently I was commissioned to paint a piece for a charity auction, for me this is one of the most rewarding parts of being an artist. Without sounding cliche, blessed is the word I would use describe it, being asked to do something you love and for the outcome to benefit amazing causes is truly inspiring. 

This piece is an acrylic on canvas work and features gold leaf highlights which is always a pleasure to work with and adds a lot positive colour to the painting. It will be auctioned at the John Logan Foundation gala which is a terrific cause that assist patients suffering from gastrointestinal cancers by way of financial assistance to pay for advance treatments. You can find out more here

For those of us who get caught up in a busy lifestyle with all the stresses of daily life I highly recommend sitting down for a couple of minutes with a pen, pencil or marker and just letting your mind unravel on a piece of paper. Who knows maybe you have a hidden talent your stresses or life haven't let you discover yet...

Each year I paint 12 paintings for charity if you would like find out more, talk art or commission a piece please email us on and I will get the paints and brushes ready. 

Christopher Vine.

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  • Elly Kane

    Interested in Aussie car drawings .
    Recently found artwork by Christopher
    Vine on greetings card Renaissance supermarkets . Hawthorn.
    Thanks for taking the time.and look.forward to hearing further.

  • elizabeth

    Dear Christopher,

    What a beautiful painting and a wonderful cause.
    I myself have started volunteering work over the last year and while it helps other people it also helps with my creativity, you are so right , it is a blessing to be able to help .

    Thank you for all you designs over the years, I love seeing each and every range :-)

    Kindest Regards,

    Lizzie McCormack

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