6 Interior Design Essentials For Creating A Styled Home

I find there are a lot of great lists about fashion essentials or seasonal style guides which are really helpful so I thought I would put together a little list of my own based on my interior design beliefs. This is by no means the Tom Ford list but I hope it can serve as a little guideline for first home owner's or someone wanting to mix things up and breathe some new life into a room or home who might be stuck for ideas or inspiration. I must admit it was hard to pinpoint 6 things when there are so many essentials which I would love to include but we can save those for another time and go into some detail on more refined aspects of great interior design. So here is my list of interior essentials: 

1. Versatile Table - I use my dining table for almost everything and anything. It's where I work, draw, have meetings, eat and entertain. Currently it is red and I two pack it a different colour once a year. A staple for any home but if you don't have space a coffee table in the next best option.

2. Statement Armchair - A good chair always turns heads when it is placed correctly (I know I say turns heads a lot). For some reason I look at mine more and sit in it less than I should and it always has clothes draped on it which I think looks fantastic.

3. A Mirror - Makes the space look bigger and we all know it can't hurt to check your self before heading out. I am a shameless gilded mirror lover and I love when they are leaning against a wall apposed to hanging it.

4. Bed/Bed Head - A great bed and the right sheets can make a stunning feature in the bedroom. Just don't overdo it with cushions and pillows. Nobody uses as many pillows or cushions as they put there.

5. Artwork - Being a designer and artist I have to mention it is imperative you have some quirky artwork in your home. Minimal is great, but sometimes it is nice to have something bold to look. Great pieces are more accessible than ever and you can make a statement with a nice print too.

6. Rug/Lamp - I said it was hard and I couldn't decide which was more essential out of a rug or lamp. I love a lamp to read with but I also love to soften a room and make it look bigger with a rug. If you have a smaller space maybe leave out the rug if it is throwing the room off a bit.

The list is quite simple and that is my intention for it. People tend to over complicate home styling and try to achieve too much in one room (I am included). My golden rules are function and purpose and with those aspects in mind it makes creating a stunning space a lot easier more straight forward.



Photo by James Braund for Real Living. 

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