Exploring The Avalon Collection

Exploring My Blue and Green Interior Obsession.

I have always been attracted to colours which are a little bit more rich and deep than others. A shameless lover of all things green and blue in the world around me and especially interiors and decor. I have to stop myself re-gramming every green or blue interior I see right now to avoid repetitiveness. This love for green and blue ultimately lead me to my Avalon collection of dinnerware, which I have to say I am loving using at the moment. A retro modern vibe teamed with emerald and sapphire hues makes for a really punchy dinnerware ensemble or decor collection. As I am also a shameless lover of flowers I have been using my jug as a vase for the past couple of weeks and it really turns heads in my studio and for hopefully good reasons, it's hard to tell sometimes. The collection is sort of named after a favourite hotel of mine in Los Angeles called the Avalon Hotel. That too has a retro and modern vibe and some really striking decor which is stunning to be surrounded by. I also feel that this collection has a really glam sophisticated look, recently I have used it for a few semi-formal dinner parties and I think it suits that setting really well and is a nice change from white and black settings.

I also like to team it with my other more colour focused collections, namely Cotton Bud. The clash works really well when it is mixed and matched together. I suppose when it comes to designing and also styling I have shortlist of requirements which I believe every collection or room needs (pattern, position, colour,  contrast and texture) with these principles is mind it makes it easier for us to visualise and conceptualise how it will look as a finished concept. Those who have followed my work and designs over the years will know that I adore an eclectic mix and at times a more subtle look, I feel that both these styles can be seen in the Avalon home collection and that's my very intention for it. 

Next week we will explore my other dinnerware collections that make the perfect home decor accessories. Discover the entire Avalon dinnerware collection here.

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