The European Summer Dream

Sometimes you just need to escape to a place where time is only there for guidance and the dress code only consists of soft linen and tan skin. The European Summer dream is a place with whitewash walls and blue hues surrounded by sea and sand. Europe has a romance and mystique which has us all asking for more and lusting at every opportunity. It's a journey without direction and that is why it is so amazing. Sure the cities are nice to see but they will always be there, we are lusting for orange sunsets and warm winds that sweep through the night on coastlines rich in history and atmosphere.

There is something so inspiring about the surroundings in the South of France or the Amalfi Coast, even just sitting and watching the world go by is enough to make you want to note every little thing you see. The towns and architecture are so visually appealing, the beauty is in the simplicity of it all. Turning cliffs into stunning viewing points for the beach and views below and villas styled so effortlessly in minimal colours and decor. When the sun goes down the air becomes electric, the sounds of carefree fun and adventure vibrate through the air.

The glamour and magic of those days on the beach and nights in linen are enchanting to the soul and keep me daydreaming when Monday's aren't fair and the Winter weeks become long and dreary. I daydream constantly about these trips as they motivate me and also inspire me to design. The colours, the people, the cuisine, the atmosphere all have little elements that I adore and I try to use in my work. I have a few favourite spots which I think you should visit:

Greek Islands - The white walls, blue roofs and minimal styling of these islands are simply stunning and have to be seen. A choice of a different beach everyday if you so choose and clear blue water that soothes the soul and mind. These places can be out of control fun during the day and night if you want to really enjoy yourself. 

Greek Islands

Amalfi Coast - These famous Southern Italian coastlines are sophisticated and visually striking. The beauty of it is in its simplicity and style. Retro parasols and glam beach vibes are just some of the reasons to come but the views and restaurants are enough to make you stay. 


French Riviera - It is truly the glamour summer holiday destination in Europe. You could get off a train at any stop along this coast line and be amazed by the beauty of it. The spectacle of it is delicious and there are so many places to base yourself, it is the hottest place in Europe come Summer and I'm not talking about the temperature. 


Croatia - Is my next stop on the Euro Summer bucket list. The stories I have heard and the photos I have been shown have me lusting to start this adventure. The look of the old medieval coastal towns against that stunningly blue water is mesmerising. I love the idea of Island hoping by sails and feasting on a mix of all European cuisines. 


The European Summer dream is everlasting and timeless. I suggest you visit as soon as you can and visit as many places as you can. It will inspire you and keep you driven. If you have any tips or stories you would like to share with me please do!

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