Christopher Cooks: My Wicked Pavlova Recipe

Summer and Christmas are fast approaching so it’s time to get down to business and whip up some truly special dishes for family and friends. I absolutely adore this time of year in Australia as the weather is sensational and there is a particularly special vibe in the air. Australian Christmas for our International readers is typically a hot time of year so many families put their own spin on what they serve for Christmas lunch or dinner, I for one like to serve a majority of cold dishes and then do a small amount of hot dishes because we usually do a lunch. In my home we always love to put emphasise on the dessert course (I say we but might just be me). My children have been taught on a few occasions how to make this dish but I feel like they are purposely failing so I have to do it. I was taught to make these in the 70s (I am only 38). I have been known to prepare a few signature dessert dishes and Pavlova is definitely one of them so to is Creme Caramel but that's for another time. If I wasn’t an artist I would be at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris becoming the next Martha Stewart and potentially specialise in the Pavlova department. This dish is very simple but requires patience and a determined mind to ensure it is baked right and delicious! So here it is: 

Here is what you will need:

6 x Egg Whites

1 x Teaspoon of Corn Flour 

0.5 x Teaspoon of Vanilla 

1 x Teaspoon of White Vinegar 

2 x Cups of Caster Sugar

1 x Punnet of Raspberries 

2 x Large Passionfruit 

600ml Thickened Cream

Preheat the oven to 120°C. Pop the egg whites into a bowl, make sure there is no yolk, then with an electric beater whip it until it’s holding firm peaks, then gradually add the caster sugar one dessert spoon at a time until you can’t see any sugar granules in the whites. 

Once the sugar is beaten through add the corn flower, vanilla and vinegar and mix it through. The mixture is then ready so use a spoon or spatula to place the mixture onto baking paper into your desired shape for baking, traditionally I use a circular shape. Put it in the oven and bake at low heat (120°C) for 1.5 hours and then allow to cool in the oven until cool. The texture should be crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside if it’s not cooked too quickly, so keep an eye on it.

It’s now time to decorate your masterpiece so whip the cream and place over the top of the Pavlova. Decorate with the berries and passionfruit or fruit of your choice. I use a drizzling motion to ensure I get good coverage and every bit is yummy and delicious

I will take an extra serve of whipped cream with mine and serve with a glass of chilled Champagne. 


If anyone decides to whip one up please let me know and shoot me an image of your masterpiece!

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