Notting Hill's Colourful Pastel Homes and Doors

Over the past year we have noticed an increase in stunningly colourful homes and doors, naturally we are drawn to them as it is hard not to admire the brights and pastels that cover some of the world's cutest homes. Notting Hill which is a well known London suburb and Hugh Grant movie has become a bit of an Instagram sensation with pages dedicated purely to the pink and pastel homes which have been painted. Maybe this is where it all started?
Notting Hill has long been a favourite of ours since we stumbled upon Portobello Road. Treasure hunting amongst the antiques and vintage curiosities and lunch at the ever famous Ottolenghi followed by strolls down the gorgeous streets is pretty much the perfect London day out. 
We can't seem to find much information on how the trend started but the place certainly has a colourful history and was a completely different place in the past. The area has gone from slums to multi-million pound homes which is pretty standard these days with a lot of inner city suburbs around the world so isn't too surprising.
The soft pastels suit this style of exterior so well and we can only imagine the interiors are as stunning as the facades. Our guess is that they were all identical at some point in time, so to give each home some individuality they decided to pick a colour and go with it. We say bloody well done to those who did it!
Do you have any travel destinations we should know about? Or Notting Hill tips?
We would love to find out!
Image source: All Images from Pinterest.

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