Travel Must: The Majorelle Jardin of Marrakech, Morocco

The Enchanting Blue Gardens of Morocco, Majorelle Jardin.

There's probably no better word to describe the famous Majorelle Gardens than enchanted. The 12 acre dream is located in Marrakech, Morocco and is one of the most visited places in Morocco today. The gardens were designed and built in the early 20th century by French painter Jacques Majorelle and were painted a bold shade of cobalt blue which has been renamed Majorelle blue and contrasts heavily with the stunning local flora which features in the gardens.
The Majorelle Jardin has a second famous life after it was restored by the iconic French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Berge. The pair first discovered the gardens in 1966 and later acquired it in 1980 to save it from becoming a hotel and destroyed. They decided to live there full time and restore it respecting the vision of first owner Jacques Majorelle and introduce new plant species along with irrigation to persevere the life of the gardens. 
Yves has said that he finds an unlimited amount of inspiration in the gardens which we can fully agree with. The leafy dream and Moorish charm are both soothing and enchanting and need to be seen to be appreciated in it's entirety. After Yves passed away in 2008 his ashes were scattered throughout the gardens and a memorial was built to honour him and for visitors to reflect on his contribution to art and fashion. We highly, highly, highly recommend you visit the gardens if you ever make your way to magic Morocco.
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