Christopher Vine Bowls

Pasta, salad, cereal or soup need to be served in a bowl that is as stylish as the beautiful meal you have just prepared for your family or friends. Christopher Vine has created a collection of bowls that come in two sizes perfect for any casual or formal meal or even serving dishes to be shared amongst guests. Doubling as a stunning decorative dining bowl and also a functional decor piece that adds wow and style to any dinnerware collection or centrepiece. Featuring striking patterns and handpainted elements these bowls don't just serve they excite! The shape and durability ensure your next culinary experience is of restaurant quality without the fuss of leaving your home. Enjoy a peaceful breakfast or hectic family dinner in style with this designer collection of functional bowls. The best part is that they are microwave and dishwasher safe to suit a variety of uses and withstand the test of time and continue to add a touch of x-factor to your dinner table! Discover the Christopher Vine designer bowl collection today!


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