About Christopher Vine

Like all the finest things in life, Christopher Vine Design happened organically. As a young student at the Art School of San Francisco, Christopher’s creative mind and entrepreneurial inclination found him filling in time between classes by developing a capsule range of greeting cards
Happy with the result Christopher pitched his range to a well known Department store in Australia, his works were praised and he was commissioned to create a full range exclusively for the chain. From here the idea grew, Christopher soon found himself traveling and painting the skylines of the world and expanding on his original range.
What started as mini artworks made to fit neatly inside an envelope soon made their way onto canvasses, tabletops and even people, in the form of a jewellery line. Christopher's ranges of dinnerware, homewares and giftware have become synonymous with design.
His ability to forecast and create trends has kept him in front of the pack for over 20 years. Inspired by culture, fashion, cuisine and the way we live Christopher aims to create timeless collections which can be used for years to come.
What now? Christopher Vine Design continues to evolve it’s ever-expanding range aiming to inspire and add a touch of creativity to the everyday.